Rimvydas Lauzikas

Prof. dr. RIMVYDAS


Rimvydas Laužikas is a Professor of Digital Social Science and Humanities in the Faculty of Communication of Vilnius University. His education is in the interdisciplinary SSH fields of educational sciences, archaeology and communication and information sciences. Rimvydas’s research interests cover Digital humanities; Information and communication of cultural heritage, museology; Medieval and Early Modern Times archaeology. He has written 4 monographs (with coauthors) and numerous articles in the fields of his interests and has been actively involved in national projects (such as Automated heritage monitoring implementing 3D and AI technologies; Social Impact of Cultural Processes: Development of Metrics, Conceptual and Simulation Model).

He has also participated in several international projects, and been active in international organizations, networks and working groups (such as COST ARKWORK; Digital preservation Europe; Connecting Archaeology and Architecture to Europeana; Local content in a Europeana cloud).

In his 16 years of academic teaching, Rimvydas Laužikas taught a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, in the fields of history, cultural and digital heritage, heritage communication, digital culture, and museum studies. Since his appointment at Vilnius University, he served as primary supervisor of three completed PhD dissertations. He currently supervises four further PhD dissertations.